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A Platform for Seamless Business Sustainability

Explore POSITIIVPLUS, a B2B Cloud-based SaaS tool that encompasses the essential steps and strategies to initiate your business’s ESG, ensuring a smooth business transformation for real-time success

Dynamic search and list-building capabilities
Real-time trigger alerts
Comprehensive company profiles
Valuable research and technology reports

Green Intelligence

Experience the future of sustainable business growth with Green Intelligence. Our data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions for effective market penetration in the sustainability sector, ensuring strategic success and a lasting impact.


Collect and Organize

POSITIIVPLUS starts by collecting and organizing extensive business data and buying signals from various sources. We use advanced technology, specialized third-party providers, input from our community, and a dedicated research team to source this data.


Validate and Verify

What sets POSITIIVPLUS apart is its unique ability to turn vast amounts of unstructured data into useful insights. We meticulously verify this data through a multi-layered, real-time process that involves Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and highly skilled data experts.


Validate and Verify

Go-to-market teams often struggle to access reliable data. POSITIIVPLUS ensures you always have access to up-to-date information. We regularly test, update & closely watch over each data point. If we identify any changes, we swiftly make adjustments, additions or removals to ensure the information remains precise and tailored to your specific requirements.

Your Roadmap to ESG Success & Business Expansion



VE In Action

Master the ever-changing business terrain with POSITIIVPLUS

Our dynamic platform merges data and technology to link you with your ideal suppliers while seamlessly aligning your procurement and sustainability teams, creating an unbeatable powerhouse for revenue generation.

Reveal Valuable Insights

Discover your future suppliers using up-to-the-minute insights supported by reliable data

Connect With Suppliers

Unite your procurement and sustainability teams with suppliers across various domains using a unified platform

Accelerate Your Success

Expand your Go-To-Market (GTM) efforts, automate supplier outreach & streamline your use of data & technology